5th Letter to the Participants & Speakers – to send on 05.2018

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Hello, long time, dear talkooters! 

1. Let's join to take the Methods of the guide to the next level! 

Let’s join together to take the next step with the D4CG - to improve and extend the methods layer of the guide. The idea is simple: each of us picks up one or more methods and makes them even more awesome :)

1. The method framework:
2. Start with the document “00-Read-me-first… “
3. Pick a method or more that you’d like to work on the next month and get going. Find a pair or group to work with if you’d like. 

Any questions or comments? Let’s talk in our channel #methods-version-2  Not in Slack yet? Join via this link. 


2. It's official, we’re an association!

"Designing for Children’s Rights Association"

We have some exciting news: Casper’s brother, who is a lawyer, helped us set up a global unincorporated association in accordance with Danish law, with the official name: “Designing for Children’s Rights (D4CR) – Association”. 

We’ve defined the following purpose of the association and would love hearing your thoughts on it: “The aim of our association is to set new standards when designing for children and adolescents and to raise awareness on children’s rights based on the U.N. declaration of children’s rights, and needs in the business, service and product design processes. We want to build a better world by empowering companies, public institutions and individuals to make ethical products and services that respect children’s rights.”

When the most needed things are up, it is then time for you to become an official member and be a part of developing our common efforts.

We’re right now in the process of setting up the basics like the website (designingforchildrensrights.org), membership modalities, etc. and will share back with you as soon as possible. Any help on this is welcome!

3. NEXT TALKOOT ! Save the date: September 14-16

We’re in the middle of organizing our follow-up event in Billund, Denmark this September. While the first event was mostly about collaborating on age-specific design guidelines and principles, the upcoming event is supposed to focus on ways to establish such guidelines within organizations creating products for children. In short - how can we make these guidelines business critical?
For the guide to have impact and be implemented it must be something the businesses can't risk not to follow. So we are right now trying to gather those businesses like LEGO, IKEA, BRIO, Disney, Ravensburger, DR,  - but we also would like you all to see if you know someone that should be invited or maybe you yourself work in a place like that (ex. TocaBoca)

We’re planning on having the event on the weekend of the 14th–16th of September (please save the date! :)), partnering with the Capital of Children and the UN City Copenhagen. Designit Denmark and Germany will be one of the main sponsors and UNICEF again our main strategic partner. We are also trying to get LEGO Foundation on board and expect Kolding Design School to be in. More on all this in the coming weeks.

There will be an official announcement and call for speakers soon – if you already have somebody in mind who would be a great fit or a topic that you’d like to see covered, OR if you have any other input to the above, please let us know by sending an email to info@childrensdesignguide.org

@D4C_Guide  #ChildrensRightsInDesign #D4CG


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