Join our Distributed EVENT jan 30-31

Remotekoot 2021

a hands-on collaborative weekend of children’s rights in design  

Join us in integrating children’s rights into design and business processes

We have exciting news! Following the challenges of the previous year and with a sense of urgency to advance Design for Children’s Rights in these odd times, we are planning an online hands-on weekend event in January 2021.

Be one of the superhero changemakers!



Join us for a weekend-long event of  hands-on work, for a better now and future for children. The event will take place January 30-31 2021  primarily online in different topic working groups. The event is free of charge with selection via application process.  It is also possible to sign up to attend only the final output presentations session.  

Contribute to one of the Hero Teams

During the event we will have 7 different teams, each working with a unique topic. Most of the teams will work online and are currently accepting international  applications (deadline extended to January 17). Some groups will work locally.  Sign up in the form below to contribute to one of the teams or to just watch the output presentations at the end of the event.

Team 1: Improving the D4CR Guide

The team will work on improving the D4CR guide  
1) Develop further the guidelines how to design for and with children and expand the list of resources.
2) Improve the user experience, including the usability of the guide.

Location:  Online, global participants welcome
Host: Helsinki D4CR Local Chapter

Team 2: Designing for Children in the Times of Crisis

This team will continue the work started in the Malmö’s local chapter event in December 2020 on developing supportive guidelines for designing for children in the times of crisis.

Location:  Online, global participants are welcome

Host: Malmö D4CR Local Chapter

Team 3: Playful Co-Creation with Children Online

This team will explore how playful co-creation processes can continue to exist in times of Covid – and beyond.  Children will participate in the session. 

Location:  Online, global participants are welcome

Host: Billund  D4CR Local Chapter 

Team 4: D4CR Principles by Children 

This team will work on strengthening childrens perspective and voice in the principles of the D4CR guide. Learning what children do and do not understand about the principles, what they can relate to.

Sessions with children will be conducted and recorded prior to the event and then the work in the event itself the work will concentrate on turning these recordings into a sharable deliverable. 

Location:  Online, global participants are welcome

Host: Eindhoven D4CR Local Chapter 

Team 5: D4CR Online Course

During the Remotekoot this team will hold short sessions for getting feedback and DOCUMENTING CASE STUDIES as part of the ongoing development of an online course that shares with students methods and processes around designing for children’s rights. It is possible to jump to in these sessions alongside other teams’ work. 

If you have worked on a project that encompasses D4CR Principles and it could be part of the course, as a case study, FILL OUT THIS FORM NOW.

And if you want to attend course intro and feedback sessions during the Remotekoot, choose this team in the form below.

Location:  Online shorter sessions for feedback, global participants are welcome

Host: D4CR Online Course Working Group 

Team 6: Localisation & Translation to Hebrew

This team will continue it’s work on localisation and translation of the D4CR Principles to Hebrew as well as documentation of  local examples of existing products that consider the D4CR Principles. Note: the team will work during Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January. 

Location:  Online,  mostly local participants – and global Hebrew-speaking participants are welcome

Host: Tel Aviv D4CR Local Chapter 

Team 7: Child Rights in the City

This team will walk in Berlin in pairs, observe and document how children’s rights manifest themselves in the city.  

Location:  The only in-person working team of the event,  in Berlin  

Host: Berlin D4CR Local Chapter

Option 8: Join to Watch Only the Final Output Presentations

Choose this option in the form below to only join the final outcomes of the weekend presentations, which will take place January 31 CET afternoon/early evening. 

Join the Remotekoot 2021! (dl Jan 17)



Saturday Jan 30th
– Joint global kick-off online  
– Work in distributed groups  
– Online mingles

Sunday Jan 31th 
– Work in distributed groups
– Global presentation of outcomes of the event online

* Most of the groups will be working according to the Central European Timezone, however it is possible that alternative timing sessions will be arranged as well



November – core working teams have been formed 

December  – sign up applications open

January 17 –  (extended) deadline to sign up and to apply to participate

January 30-31 –  Remotekoot 2021