D4CR Association

Designing for Children's Rights
integrating children’s rights into design & business process


Designing for Children’s Rights is a global non-profit association, supporting the Designing for Children’s Rights Guide that integrates children’s* rights in the design, business and development of products and services around the world.
* United Nations defines a child as every human being below 18 years of age

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Email: contact@designingforchildrensrights.org


We work to create awareness about the importance of keeping children’s rights in mind when building products and services. Apps, content, services and physical products are all under this umbrella. We work to develop the Designing for Children’s Rights Guide, which instead of pointing out what is wrong, guides how to do things right.


Our Mission & Vision

We’re a global community of innovators focused on setting new standards when designing for children and adolescents. We do this through practical action and raising awareness on children’s rights (based on the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child) and through regarding needs in the business, service and product design processes. United and guided by a set of community-created principles, we want to build a better world by empowering companies, public institutions and individuals to make ethical products and services that respect children’s rights.

“The resulting Design Guide consists of a set of key principles written from the perspective of children as consumers to designers of products for them. The principles ask designers to consider different needs and scenarios from the perspective of a child user.”
– UNICEF Office of Research