Hello, dear D4CR community!

Strength and energy to everyone in these tough tough times!

It’s been a long time since we’ve been in touch, and we felt like this week, when Children’s Day is celebrated in over 50 countries, is a good moment to send everyone a warm message, to celebrate together. So big hugs and happy Children’s Day! Here is our Designing for Children’s Rights community’s year in review:

Local chapters have been activating around the globe – London, BerlinTel Aviv, Eindhoven, Helsinki and more in the cooking.  Join one of the local chapters or start your own! 🙂

Our MOOC hero academic working group has developed an amazing course curriculum to what in the future will turn into an even more amazing course. 

Talking about academia, one of D4CR family members, Karen Feder  just defended an incredible dissertation titled ‘Exploring a Child-Centered Design Approach – from tools and methods to approach and mindset’. Kudos and celebration!

The Designing for Children’s Rights Guide has been taken up by many companies and institutions around the World – as part of their projects, ways of working, processes etc. We are looking forward to building a proud showcase of these cases – so PSSST, if you’re one of those companies/institutions, please let us know by filling out a short form: 
we’ll be happy to  share your experiences, feature them in our pages and develop the guide further based on your feedback.  

Another exciting mention of D4CR Guide as one of 5 top learning resources on ethical design in a post by IDEO. 

COVID-related resources by people in our community

“Kids, Media and COVID19: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t” webinar where David Kleeman spoke.

A new website where 6-12 y.o. children can find media content, tips, suggestions and psychological support from various organisations was launched by Save the Children Sweden, Rodolfo Zuniga being one of the creators.

A game for children 7 -14 of our wonderful community memeber Triumf Helath is now publicly available for a limited time period to provide age-appropriate support to children and help them cope better with the crisis situation.

A trello board by Angelos Arnis with all kinds of Corona-virus related resources.

AND OUR BIG NEWS FOR THE COMING YEAR… Drum roll.. drum roll… drum roll….!!!🥁🥁🥁

We are planning to hold  OUR NEXT GLOBAL EVENT in January 2021, and we’ll be partnering with the magical CoC Playful Minds  that will host the event in the Capital of Children located in Billund, Denmark. We hope to be able to gather in person – but it is also possible that we’ll meet digitally. Follow our channels for the updates.