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Designing for Children’s Rights Association

Through knowledge and collaboration we engage, impact products and services that interact with children.

About France Chapter

The D4CR French Local Chapter is a collaborative platform to rethink design for children. The chapter focuses on the material and immaterial culture of children. Through inclusive and participatory reflections, the chapter invites actors to act and interact within the ethical framework of D4CR. The chapter encourages the need to rethink the material environment of children in a participatory, inclusive and multi-vocal way.

D4CR French Local Chapter has emerged from the activities of the In2FROCC research network (interdisciplinary and international network for research on children and clothing) and Illustrious Lab (a research activity using co-creation to generate innovative and sustainable solutions with and through design and illustrations). and

We approach the concept of design in a holistic way, in connection with the Cultural and Creative Industries. The French Local Chapter addresses the theme of clothing and fashion, but also other themes such as digital creations and uses for young people. D4CR – French Chapter brings together communities of children, practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and policymakers to rethink and innovate children’s culture in France.

A collaborative platform to rethink:

– The child and his/her clothes, revealing the educational and socialising power of clothes
– Children and digital uses, including collaborative and cross-sectoral approaches. We place the child at the heart of an inclusive and participatory reflection within the ethical framework of D4CR.

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We do this through

How to join us

Laetitia Barbu, designer and artistic director, and Anne-Charlotte Hartmann-Bragard, expert in brand strategy, image and communication and founder of Studio Abi, coordinate the Local Chapter. and  

For questions, information, news and events, contact Laetitia Barbu : contact (at) and 

The Designing For Childrens’ Rights Guide (D4CR) soon in French!
Le Guide Designing for Children’s Rights (D4CR) bientôt en français !