Los Angeles Chapter

Designing for Children’s Rights Association

Bringing together diverse voices on current topics impacting children and youth today


Designing for Children’s Rights is a global non-profit association that works towards integrating children’s rights into the product design, service design and business development process.

We are a global community of social innovators, designers, researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, educational scientists, experts on rights of the child and other professionals. We share a passion for creating and setting new standards when designing for children and youth.

    Our work revolves around:


        • Supporting well-being and healthy physical psychological and cognitive development
        • Encouraging self-expression, creativity, learning and play
        • Nurturing the child as a social being and a citizen
        • Ensuring safety, privacy and sustainability

    Los Angeles Chapter


    Los Angeles is home to over 2 million ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically diverse children and youth under the age of 18. The county is also the center of some of the largest children’s industries, governmental organizations and non-profits that focus on children and families.

    In collaboration with our global association the Designing for Children’s Rights Los Angeles Chapter brings together these diverse voices through meetups, lectures, and workshops. 

    We support research, education and dialogue on current topics and challenges impacting children and youth today locally and globally.


    Designer, educator, and author Krystina Castella leads the Los Angeles local chapter.
    She has been a part of the D4CR community since the beginning from 2018.

    For questions, information, news, and events, contact krystina@d4cr.org.



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