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Designing for Children’s Rights Association

Through knowledge and collaboration we engage, impact products and services that interact with children.

About Scotland Chapter

D4CR Scottish Local Chapter is a collaborative platform to rethink children’s clothing. The chapter focuses on children’s material and immaterial culture. Through inclusive and participative reflections, the chapter invites stakeholders believing in the socialising and educational power of clothes, to act and interact within the ethical framework of D4CR. The chapter fosters the necessity to rethink children’s material environment in participative, inclusive and pluri-vocal ways.

D4CR Scottish Local Chapter has emerged from the activities of the research network In2FROCC (interdisciplinary and international network for the research on children and clothing).

The pioneering role of Scotland with regard to childhood and children is revealed through child-centred approach to creative education and design. Designing children’s environment from their perspective, respectful of their rights and aware of their voice, is a reflection which shapes the country in a challenging societal landscape. D4CR – Scottish Chapter will gather the communities of children, practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and policy makers to rethink and innovate children’s culture in Scotland.

Young lady on the left adding colorful post-it notes on the wall during a workshop.

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How to join us

Design Anthropologist, educator and author, Aude Le Guennec leads the Scottish Local chapter.

For questions, information, news, and events, contact: and  (online exhibition

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