Changemakers uniting

Our Journey
November 2016

First meetings between UNICEF Finland and designers in Elisa in Helsinki, Finland. Collaboration started around UNICEF’s Children’s Online Safety Assessment tool.

March 2017

“Children’s Digital Safety” IxDA Helsinki chapter event  was organised in Elisa in collaboration with UNICEF Finland. The workshop event gathered 30+ designers from different companies.  Ideas about co-creating a Designing for Children’s Rights Guide in a weekend-long hands-on event were born.

August 2017

UNLEASH global innovation lab  (an event which gathered talent from all over the world to collaborate on solutions to meet the United Nations’ SDGs) connected designers with similar passion for advancing better design for children.

January 2018

In collaboration with UNICEF, we hosted our first global 48-hour event – Talkoot 2018 –  that gathered 70+ heroes – designers, psychologists, neuroscientists, health care specialists, educators, and children’s rights experts. The first version of the Designing for Children’s Rights Guide was co-created and published. From here on our community expanded  with lots of amazing people and activated. The guide was highlighted in press and shared within multiple companies, educational institutions, conference audiences all around the world.

May 2018

We registered as a non-profit association in Denmark with the official name: “Designing for Children’s Rights (D4CR) – Association” . The purpose of the association: setting new standards when designing for children and adolescants as well as raising awareness on their rights based on the U.N. declaration of children’s rights, and needs in the business, service and product design processes.

August 2018

We hosted a workshop with 30+ participants as part of MyData 2018 conference events. The goal for the workshop was to define ethical and practical measures around the processing of children’s personal data.

September 2018

We met in Copenhagen to together define the goals and the themes of our next global event – Talkoot 2019.

January 2019

Our second global event- Talkoot 2019 took place in January 2019, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The main question that we aimed to answer in the event was:
How might we empower businesses to apply the Designing for Children’s Rights in their products and services, and learn how to gradually integrate the children’s rights into their core practice?


Local chapters in Berlin, Malmö, Tel-Aviv, Helsinki, London galvanise local communities in local events




January 2021

Our third global event took place – Remotekoot 2021  was a fun and with great outcomes.