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🎙️🎲💫 Play is as essential as oxygen, infusing life and engagement into every interaction. In episode #10 with Yesim Kunter, Play expert and Futurists, we touch the profound impact of play, playfulness, and physicality in the AI era. We discuss the importance of designing for uncertainty, leaving space for spontaneity and surprise in play experiences.

Join us as we explore how AI can respect the autonomy and creativity of children, promoting healthy and balanced relationships. Yesim shares insights on designing with safety in mind, highlighting the importance of anticipating and mitigating unintended uses of technology. We also talk about the essential role of respecting children’s minds, advocating for designs that empower their creativity and individuality. Together, we aim to expand on the delicate balance of human+AI interaction, fostering enriching and respectful relationships in the evolving landscape of play.

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Guest: Yesim Kunter


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